To understand poker’s lingo, you should know what different terms mean. Some examples of poker terms include Aces Up (a pair of Aces) and Add-On (a tournament chip add-on). Other terms include A-Game, which is the mental state of a player that maximizes his or her chances of winning the hand. Similarly, the Aggression Factor describes the ratio of aggressive and passive actions. If you play poker online, you will most likely be referred to by your screenname.

A hand can be tied if two players hold identical pairs of cards. In this case, the higher pair wins. If neither hand has a pair, the higher card wins. Tie-ups are also broken by the high card, which is the highest card in a hand. Usually, only the highest pair of two hands is enough to win. However, in certain cases, a pair may not be sufficient. In such a situation, both players split the pot.

When the player in the pot raises a bet, the betting intervals are reshuffled. A player who folds his or her hand is said to have “dropped” or “folded.”