A casino employs elaborate surveillance systems to keep track of every patron and game. Video cameras on the ceiling monitor every table and doorway. You can adjust your camera to focus on someone you suspect of cheating. The casino records the video feeds so you can see what happened. Computer chips inside the slot machines determine the payouts. The casino employs no employees on the floor to keep an eye on the games. However, if something seems amiss, you can always use the pre-commitment facility.

To attract gamblers, casinos use a variety of tricks. For example, the layout of gaming tables and slot machines mimics a maze. Colors are designed to stimulate the sense of sight and sound. Some slot machines have a constant sound, while others use bright lights to make people lose track of time. Some casinos have multiple levels of security. While there are no employees on the floor, video cameras and surveillance equipment are installed in key areas.

Another positive effect of a casino is lower unemployment in the area. Local unemployment rates decreased after the opening of a casino, but the reduction was not significant. This is because most jobs at a casino require a specific skill. Thus, if the casino is located in a rural area, most labor will come from outside the area. The increase in unemployment rates may be due to the natural business cycle or economic changes in other sectors of the economy.