When you think about customer loyalty, casinos are masters at it. They know that few gamblers spend tens of thousands of dollars their first time in Las Vegas. This is why casinos must find ways to make their highest-rolling customers feel comfortable. Marketing the casino to appeal to emotions is crucial. Casinos have to offer more than games. Casino patrons might get hungry or thirsty after playing for a while, or they might invite a family member to watch a live show.

The casino rewards high rollers by providing perks. These perks are known as “compensation” and are given to loyal customers based on their frequency of spending money. Some casinos reward high rollers with free or discounted slot play, free or discounted food, drinks, and even tickets to shows. These comp programs serve as marketing tools for casinos, as they help build patron databases and track trends. To encourage loyalty, casinos may offer in-kind contributions, a day of service to top customers, or match donations made to charity.

In addition to ensuring patron security, casinos also employ elaborate surveillance systems. Casinos install cameras in every window and doorway to keep an eye on patron behavior. Security personnel can adjust cameras to focus on patrons they suspect of cheating. A video feed from each camera can be reviewed later if it shows any suspicious activity. Casinos also reward big bettors with lavish inducements, such as reduced-fare transportation and free drinks and cigarettes. Taking care of high rollers is vital to the overall casino’s success.